Law services

Our qualified team provides legal assistance in all areas and sectors of Slovak legislation. These are dominant areas of our business:

bullet_big Commercial Law, especially:

  • Company law and cooperatives (formation, changes, merges and dissolution of companies and cooperatives and related representation in proceedings in the Commercial Register);
  • Transfers of ownership interests and shares;
  • Raising and lowering capital;
  • Merges and acquisitions of companies;
  • Drawing and marking of all types of commercial contracts;
  • Solution of commercial –legal litigations before court or arbitration, extrajudicial procedure
  • Bills and check law;
  • Legal assistance in organizing the General Assembly (preparation and its leadership) and drawing related documentation;
  • Protection against unfair competition.

bullet_big Civil Law, especially:

  • Formation and comments of all types of civil contracts;
  • Land law and real estate law including representation before cadastral offices;
  • Solution of civil-legal disputes in court or arbitration, extrajudicial procedure;
  • Damages (for example damages for pain and suffering);
  • Insurance law;
  • Succession law;
  • Protection of personality;
  • Right to housing and business premises;
  • Ownership and other rights in rem;
  • Settlement of spouses and co-ownership deal.

bullet_big Financial and Tax Law

bullet_big Criminal Law, especially:

  • Defence in criminal proceedings
  • Representation of victims in criminal proceedings

bullet_big Intellectual Property Rights (trademarks, copyright)

bullet_big Labor Law, especially:

  • Creation and management contracts commenting, employment contracts, agreements on work performed outside the employment relationship, indemnity agreements, termination of employment, the statements, testified immediate employment etc.;
  • Representation in labor disputes;
  • Advice on termination of employment;
  • Creation of job orders.

bullet_big Family Law

bullet_big Administrative Law

bullet_big Representing clients in proceedings before courts

arbitrators, trades licensing offices and other government bodies

  • Judicial and extrajudicial recovery including representation in enforcement proceedings;
  • Drawing actions, appeals or other remedies, drafting proposals for a levy of execution and other administration.

As our effort is to provide our clients with comprehensive legal services in case of need we cooperate in dealing with individual cases with experts from the affected areas. They are legal experts, tax and accounting advisors, notaries and executors, bankruptcy and restructuring administrators.