Qualified electronic signature

Our law office offers our clients the use of qualified electronic signature. The use of qualified electronic signature brings to our clients especially significant financial savings, time, facilitation and efficiency improvement of communication with public authorities.

Electronic signature in practice

Regulation of qualified electronic signature was passed in Slovakia in 2002 (act No. 215/2002 Coll on Electronic Signature and on the amendment and supplementing of certain acts). Nowadays, electronic signatures with time-stamps are equivalent to handwritten signatures on paper documents.

Electronically, using electronic signatures, it is possible to interact with the courts of the Slovak Republic, the Commercial register of Slovak Republic, Slovak land register, Tax offices and Customs services.

Electronic communication (sending different types of filings, including their attachments as well as receiving court administration and administration of other state bodies) with public authorities is made directly from our law office, without the need of postal services. So that it saves time and money of our clients.

The advantage of electronic signatures is also the fact that one paper copy of each given document is enough for the most of administration requested by government authorities. It means considerable financial savings for verifying signatures and photocopying of documents.

Moreover, using electronic signatures means that judicial and administrative fees are reduced by 50%.

There are some examples of acts to illustrate the reduction of fees as a result of E-signatures.

Price difference:

Company incorporation - Registration of limited company and other legal persons (except joint stock company) Company incorporation - Registration of joint stock company Registration of changes in the Commercial register Certificate of incorporation The proposal of inserting the ownership right into the registry
Use of E-signature 165,75 € 414,75 € 33,- € 0,33 € 33,- €
Without using E-signature (paper document) 331,50 € 829,50 € 66,- € 6,50 € 66,- €

For more information about qualified electronic signatures visit http://bb.sopk.sk/view.php?cisloclanku=2010072001, http://www.nbusr.sk/sk/elektronicky-podpis.1.html.